Enhancing Mango Productivity through Intercropping System


Name of KVK : KVK Raigad, Maharashtra
Crop & variety/ Enterprise : Production technologies in mango and intercropping approach
Farmers Name & Address : Dr. Sandesh Patil,

At. Palambe, Tal. Alibag, Dist. Raigad

Background Information


: Dr. Sandesh Patil (BHMS), a medical practitioner, planted 700 mango grafts on an area of 6.20 ha in two stages at Palambe (Jambhulpada) Post.-Kamarle village located in Alibagtahasil of Raigad district. This village is 4 km away from NH-66 and 80 km away from APMC, Vashi, Maharashtra.

In the year 2001, Dr. Patil started plantation of Alphonso mango grafts on his farm. Initially, from his old Alphonso mango orchard , he selected only eight trees as a mother plant by observation of their characteristic and qualities like early flowering tendency, bearing capacity, disease resistance capacity, size of fruits, colour of fruits, spongy tissue occurrence and maturity time for good quality scion stick which required for grafting purpose and good quality root stock of same properties. In his orchard he grown good quality scion and by adopting soft wood grafting techniques developed by Dr.Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli, he produced 1000 quality grafts. After one year, as per the recommendations of planting distance and techniques of plantation 775 grafts were planted in new orchard.

Adequate quantity of FYM and neem cake were added to the trees during June-july every year. Other common practices required for mangoes such as regularly pruning, weeding and ploughing the interspaces were also done. Irrigation was mainly done from a tube well and the young trees were irrigated thrice in a week. All trees are irrigated after fruit setting 3 times in a week or as per availability of water in month of May. Within a period of three years, Dr. Patil brought the 3.0 ha. orchard under self-automated irrigation system.

Technology Demonstrated : ·      Intercultural crop cultivation approach in mango orchard.

·      Use of paclobutrazol for regular bearing in Alphonso


·      Adoption of plant protection schedule developed by the University

·      Use of ‘Rakshak Trap’ to control fruit fly

Institutional involvement : Demonstrations, Field visit, Group Discussion and Diagnostic visit
Success Points


: i)   Intercropping in mango orchard :

The secret of the spectacular success is the adoption of intercultural crop cultivation approach in mango orchard. For the first 7 years after planting the mango grafts, he grew a variety of intercrops such as seasonal vegetables and to some extent paddy to supplement income. The crops grown were little gourd, sponge gourd, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, drumstick, brinjal and paddy.  The high yielding varieties of these crops were selected for plantation. After harvest the intercrops were ploughed into the soil to increase the organic matter.

ii)     Techniques of mango production:

Practiced girdling techniques i.e. Cutting of tree’s trunks to divert the flow of sucrose and induce early flowering. He widely adopted this technique on his farm and was able to harvest mangoes in the month of January which manages to command highest rate in market.

The other features of the farm success are

1.      Efficient use of critical inputs

2.      Science based approach in farm layout

3.      Land consolidation and proper levelling

4.      Adoption of recommended management practices

5.      Adoption of integrated plant nutrient systems(IPNS) through the use of fertilizers, green manure and vermi-compost

6.      Market analysis

7.      Farm mechanization



: Adoption of girdling technique on his farm and was able to harvest mangoes in the month of January which manages to command highest rate in market. Dates of harvesting, selling and rate for two dozen box in APMC, Washi. During last five years Dr. Patil got Average Rs.3500/- rate for mango box (Two dozen ).

No major pest and disease as prevention major is taken time to time.

During last five years he earned profit of Rs.2.4 lakh from intercropping and Rs.26.15 lakh from mango production

Practice used Year Total cost of

Cultivation (Rs. In lakh) 6.2 ha land

Gross income

(Rs. In lakh)

Net income

(Rs. In lakh)

Cost benefit



Intercropping and Production techniques in Mango 2012-13 26.50 56.50 30.00 1:2.13
2013-14 30.70 57.45 26.75 1:1.87
2014-15 25.25 54.80 29.55 1:2.17
2015-16 25.90 53.45 27.55 1:2.06
2016-17 24.45 53.35 28.90 1:2.18


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