Goat farming –substantial enterprise for self-employment

Name of KVK : KVK Roha, Raigad
Crop & variety/ enterprise : Goat farming
Farmers Name & Address


: Shri. Sachin Sahadev Mhatre,

A/P Laxmikhar, Tal. Roha, Dist. Raigad

Background Information : Mr. Sachin Mhatre, a 25-year young farmer is a resident of Laxmikhar village which is 10 km away from Rohatahasil. He learned education upto 12th std.  He, as born and brought up in poorfamily, could not completed his graduation and started working in one of the Chinese shops in Roha. His father was rearing goats and also cultivating lands on lease basis. During one of the extension programme in KVK, he visited goat unit of KVK Farm and impressed by looking the Konkan Kanyl goat. Thereafter, he attended vocational training programme in the year 2014. Looking to his interest and KVK scientist visited his goat unit consisting of only 10 goats of local species and were kept in temporary shed.
Technology Demonstrated : Rearing of improved goat breeds like Konkan Kanyal and Usmanabadi breeds.

Use of concentrate feed, vaccination for preventive control of diseases, Demonstration on deworming.

KVK provided necessary guidance for fodder cultivation.

Institutional involvement


: KVK scientists during training programme and post training period advised him about Schemes on goat rearing by Z.P., loan availing facility by banks and total technical knowhow. For breeding purpose KVK has provided one Konkan Kanyal Buck in the year 2013. Under the guidance of KVK Scientist Mr. Mhatre started the goat farm activity on commercial basis in the year 2014. He constructed the shed with locally available tree furniture. Taking into consideration the natural slope of the land provision was made for removal of the excreta. He started his commercial goat unit with 25 Usmanabadi breeds.
Success Point


:  Individual animals were selected based on the production parameters.

Additional nutrients requirements was met through feeding of commercially available concentrate feed.

Timely worm infestation and its management



: The investment in the unit was Rs. 2.5 lakhs. He used to sell goats at 3-4 months when they weigh around 15-20 kg. Selling price was Rs. 200/- whereas for Konkan Kanyal  crosses price was 250/-. During the last three years 65 deliveries were reported in the farm yielding 140 kids. Out of that, 90 kids were sold and the remaining animals are kept as a breeding stock.

Farm youth like Mr. Mhatre shown his keen interest and willingness to start enterprise and learned various techniques indicate the educational outreach of KVK.

This particular case would be a nice motivation to the unemployed youths who strives for the white color jobs with frustrated mind.

Economics of goat rearing

Practice used Total cost of

Cultivation per unit (Rs.)

Gross income (Rs.) Net income (Rs.) Cost benefit


Goat farming-


Goat- 54

Male kids- 12

Female kids- 10)

2,20,000/- 4,75,000/- 2,55,000/- 1: 2.15


Crossbreed of Konkan Kanyal goat KVK Scientist observing a herd of goat
Discussion with KVK Scientist Removal of excreta by using natural slope of land