Tribal Sub Plan (TSP)

Tribal sub plan is operational in this KVK since 2016-17. As per census of 2011 Raigad district has 11.58 % of tribal population. Many of the tribal families are resource constrained and hence have to rely on alternative means of employment generation. Under TSP scheme the activities are aimed at strengthening of these farmers and families by supporting them through imparting knowledge of new technologies available for agricultural development along with supply of inputs needed to bring them in practice. These activities are grouped into three major sections.

  • KVK as Agro-service center
    • Assessment of crop/livestock/fisheries and allied technologies
    • Demonstrations of crop/livestock/nutrition/watershed management/micro-irrigation and allied technologies
    • Training programmes to famers/rural youth/extension functionaries/farm women in the above areas
    • Arranging extension activities like farmers’ rallies/group discussions/extension literature/radio talks etc.
    • Diagnostic visits to operational area
  • Skill development training programmes in various thematic areas such as seed production/vegetable & fruit nursery/vegetable cultivation/value addition of millets/backyard poultry/goat units/vermicompost etc.
  • Creation of micro-enterprises
    • Primary processing units of millets, dal mills
    • Custom hiring of farm implements
    • Poultry and goat units
    • Vegetable growing units etc.

Adopted villages under TSP project (2018-19)

District Tehsil Village
Raigad Roha Sambhe, Mukate, Kolad
Pali-Sudhagad Rabgaon
Mangaon Nilaj, Nivi-Muthavali, Kashene


Number of farmers benefitted under TSP project

S. No. Activities 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
1. On- Farm Trials 24 12
2. Frontline Demonstrations 13 59 60
3. Training of Farmers 50 260 266
4. Training of Extension Personnel 20 25
5. Supply of sees/planting material/livestock strains and fingerlings 38 60 52
6. Micro-enterprises 2 6 5
7. Soil and water samples tested 250 131
8. Soil Health Card issued 250 131
9. Participants in extension activities 55 831 495
10. Mobile agro- advisory to farmers 45 170 135