Integrated Farming System (IFS): Strategy for Improving Famers Income 

Name of KVK : Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Roha, Raigad
Crop & variety : Rice-Karjat 7, Wal- Konkan Wal 1, Groundnut– Konkan Tapora, Cowpea – Konkan Sadabhahar ,Giriraja Breed, Konkan Kanyal Goat
Farmers Name & Address : Shri. Satyawan Dhondu Kadam,
A/P: Phalkewadi, Tal: Mahad, Dist: Raigad
Background Information


: Shri. Satyawan Dhondu Kadam is 52 years old farmer have 3 ha of land with protective irrigation. Since last 20 years, his father is cultivating only rice by traditional methods. Initially they use to take only 18-20 quintal rice production/ha in Kharif. He was unsatisfied with low productivity of rice. After intervention of KVK, he diversified his farm with cultivation of Rice, Nagli, Vari and inter cropping of Black Gram with Nagli and Vari during Kharif season and Groundnut Cowpea in Rabi season along with poultry unit.

He came in contact with Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Roha and KVK scientists has persuaded him to adopt new technologies of cereals, oilseeds, and pulses through training, FLDs, On Farm Testing and Advisory services.

Technology Demonstrated : Module of Integrated Farming System: Cereals + Oilseeds + Pulses + Buffalo + Poultry
Institutional involvement : Time to time technology backstopping through capacity building, demonstrations, field day, group discussion has given by the KVK.
Success Point


: He adopted new improved varieties of rice with integrated nutrient management technology and increased his per hectare production by 15 qt. from the year 2007-08. Now he has adopted spacing, high yielding improved seeds, recommended does of fertilizes, seed treatments, soil analysis etc.
  He participated in training, FLD’s, OFT’s has conducted by the KVK at Phalkewadi. Now he is acting as a key farmer and advocates his improved cultivation practices of rice in that village. Up till now he suggested more than 120 farmers from nearby villages with the help of Krishi Vigyan Kendra staff.

Through Krishi Vigyan Kendra he started poultry unit and generated income and employment by rearing Giriraj bird and distributed the same birds amongst the farmer and through which 5 farmers have established their own poultry unit. Besides, he is rearing two Buffalo and selling milk in nearby market.



: Now he is getting more than 4.00 lakhs annually. By enhancing his farm income through IFS module, he could purchase two-wheeler, pump, power tiller, sprayer etc. He is also eager to start Emu and Honey Bee rearing it indicates his progressiveness.

Economics of different crops

Practice used Total cost of

Cultivation per ha (Rs.)

Gross income (Rs.) Net income (Rs.) Cost benefit



Rice 40200/- 59200/- 18520/- 1: 1.45
Nagali 35400/- 42000/- 6600/- 1: 1.18
Cowpea 37000/- 80520/- 43520/- 1: 2.17
Groundnut 112300/- 151150/- 38850/- 1: 1.34
Mango 125000/- 192000/- 67000/- 1: 1.53
poultry farming(Av. Batch 100 birds reared for  one year) 85000/- 140000/- 55000/- 1:1.64


On Farm Trial on Groundnut Visit of KVK Scientist to OFT
FLD on groundnut variety Konkan Tapora Giriraja Poultry birds purchased from KVK for rearing in backyard