Poultry Farming by farm women- an example of self employment

Poultry Farming by  farm women- an example of self-employment

Name of KVK : Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Roha, Raigad
Crop & variety/ Enterprise : Poultry farming
Farmers Name & Address : Mrs. NilamShivanathNarkar

At. Vanaste, Tal. Tala,

Dist. Raigad

Background Information : Mrs. NilamNarkar is a 45 years old farm women. She had 2 ha. land holding in Vanastevillage.Since last 15 years, she was engaged in rice production and cultivation of mango. Besides, she was rearing local poultry birds (25 to 30 birds) in a backyard of her house. After intervention of KVK, Roha she decided to start poultry unit of improved birds like Giriraja and Vanraj.
Technology Demonstrated :         Poultry production systems in Mangaon and other nearby villages are traditional and less remunerative. KVK, Roha made intervention with dual purpose improved birds which can thrive well under poor feeding and management practices followed in village, can grow faster than indigenous birds and lay more eggs, thus leading to improvement in the livelihood security of the poor.

Giriraja poultry birds were identified by KVK for intervention due to multiple colours, looks like indigenous birds and fetch better price in terms of meat and egg in the market.

Institutional Involvement : KVK has organized several training and demonstration programmes on backyard and commercial poultry farming for farmers and farm women. Smt. Narkar has attended one of the training and group discussion programme. On her own initiative and in consultation with KVK Scientists, she started rearing Griraja birds. Periodically, KVK scientist visited poultry house and provided total scientific know-how.
Success Point : Mrs. Narkar acquired and adopted the techniques with respect to brooding (nursery) management , ventilation and lighting , water management and feed management. She strictly followed Vaccination schedule (at the age of day old, 7th ,18th ,28th, 42nd day, etc) as per the recommendation. She supplied the birds to SHGs members of her village and found permanent market.
Outcome : In Vanaste , Mrs. Narkar’s poultry house has become a hub for  backyard poultry production with improved birds. She has also started hatching by using local broody hens and sells chicks to other fellow farmers thus making a horizontal dissemination of the technology. The confidence she had for this enterprise was developed because of her willpower and  hard work.

Economics of poultry farming

Practice used Total cost of cultivation (Rs.) Gross income (Rs.) Net income (Rs.) Cost benefit ratio
Improved poultry farming(Av. Batch 2500 birds reared for 6 weeks) 212500/- 250000/- 37500/- 1:1.17
Layer poultry farming(Av. Batch 200 birds reared for  one year) 175000/- 280000/- 105000/- 1:1.60