Community farming – a successful venture in Raigad district

Community farming – a successful venture in Raigad district

Name of KVK


: KVK Roha, Raigad
Crop & variety


: Rice :Karjat -3


Farmers Name & Address


: Shri. Mahipat Pandurang Manjare and other

A/P Koshimbale, Tal. Mangaon, Dist. Raigad

(‘KulswamiShetkari Mandal’ Koshimale )

Background Information


: Farmers from Koshimbale village cultivates rice crop by using some improved and traditional varieties. In kharif season they used variety Jaya, Masuri, IR 8 and in summer they cultivate Ratna and Komal. They were doing their farming job independently. They were organized together by KVK Scientist through establishment of Farmers club named ‘KulswamiShetkari Mandal’ under NABARD in the year 2011. Under this group they started purchasing of seeds and fertilizers on wholesale basis which resulted in saving the expenditure. Constructed Water conservation dam (Konkan Vijay Bandhara) in the village with special funds from Grampanchayat to Farmers club. The members of the farmers club attended various training programmes, demonstrations,group meetings, exposure tour rganized by KVK and Dept. of Agriculture. In the year 2012, under the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana(RKVY) these farmers group of 16 member’s undergone training on Improved paddy cultivation. They shown their willingness to participate in Cluster Front Line Demonstration Programme on paddy.
Technology Demonstrated : KVK introduced Rice variety Karjat-3 under irrigated condition in the summer season of the year 2013. Training were organized in the KVK and group discussion, method demonstrations,  were organized in the village. Four point rice cultivation technology was introduced in these cluster demonstrations in which RDF was introduced through Urea-DAP briquettes. Power tiller was introduced for puddling and reaper for harvesting of the crop.
Institutional involvement


: A farmers club established by KVK Raigad having a group of 16 farmers were educated by means of training and demonstrations. All the inputs for cultivation were given under RKVY project. Exposure visit was organized in the University to show the latest technology in rice farming.
Success Point


: •         Success Group farming in Paddy built up confidence among the members. The partnership formed between the members continued in pulses and vegetable cultivation in next season.

•         Started common purchase of inputs in every season

•         Provided interest free loan to every member from Farmers club funds for input purchases at the start of the season.




: •         Started taking advantages of Dept. of Agriculture / NGO schemes for subsidies on drip irrigation, use of Hybrid seed, implement/ machinery park, etc

•         Involved farm women in backyard poultry rearing by supplying 20 Giriraja birds per member.

•         Started Selling of Agricultural produce viz. FYM, Pulses like Wal, Gram,Moong, Rice and services of machinery on custom hire basis to non-members.

•         This collaborative activity became a vital component in fostering communication and has been instrumental in bringing together the unique problem solving and creative mindset of paddy farmers and scientist.



Economics of cultivation

Practice used Total cost of

Cultivation per ha (Rs.)


Gross income (Rs.) Net income (Rs.) Cost benefit



Rice variety

Karjat -3

38500/- 55540/- 17040/- 1:1.44
Cowpea- Konkan Sadabahar 37,000/- 80,520/- 43,520/- 1: 2.17
Chilli –F1 hybrid- Sitara 1,76,000/- 3,80,000/- 2,04,000/- 1 : 2.15
Cucumber-F1 hybrid -Padmini 1,65,000/- 3,88,200/- 2,23,200/- 1 : 2.35