Successful Group Aqua Entrepreneurship in LitopenaeusvannameiCulture

Successful Group Aqua Entrepreneurship in LitopenaeusvannameiCulture


Name of KVK : Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Roha  Raigad
Crop & variety/ Technology : Litopenaeusvannameifarming
Farmers Name & Address : Shri Shankar ShetkariGramasth Mandal (SSSGM).

Village Janavali, Taluka Pen, District Raigad.

Background Information : The fish farmers group namely Shri Shankar ShetkariGramasth Mandal (SSSGM) from village Janavali, Tal. Pen Dist. Raigad is one of the agriculturist cum fresh water fish farmers group who was always in contact with Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Roha, Raigad for availing technical support. The main source of income for each member of this group was paddy cultivation and carp culture. But due to their willingness, common interest in shrimp farming and with motivation and active technical support of scientists of the KVK, they formed a group Shri Sankar ShetkariGramasth Mandal, Janavali. This group was identified as one of the potential group for adoption of shrimp culture through activities of the KVK, Roha. The members were very enthusiastic and ready to start the shrimp culture activity. Members were exposed to the various techniques and know-how of shrimp culture through a series of trainings and one-to-one interaction. After thorough discussion with a number of experts in field and visit to private shrimp culture sites, they were motivated to start Litopenaeusvannamei culture in their village having brackish water resource.

In the year 2016 – 2017, the group members came together to start shrimp culture activity. They collected initial investment funds through individual contribution and in addition they got financial assistance of Rs. 3.05 lakh from the Jindal Steel Work (JSW) under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme, with the help of Sankalp Gram SamrudiPratisthan (NGO). The group has taken 0.43 ha kharland area belonging to the village temple, Shri Shankar Devasth Mandir, Janavalion lease basis for ten years. The lease amount decided was Rs. 15000/- per year. The Litopenaeusvannamei culture was started in village Janavali by SSSGM having six members namely Shri. Narayan Bhoir, Late Shri. AvinashBhoir, Shri. Pradip Patil, Shri Ganesh Patil, Shri. Sandeep Patil and Shri. Mahadev Bohir. Since last 8-9 years they have worked in fresh water fish production and paddy cultivationin their own small land holding. Now they are successfully doing Litopenaeusvannameiculture. This group has started this enterprise and successfully doing shrimp culture as their regular entrepreneurial activity.


Technology Demonstrated : This group diverted to Litopenaeusvannameifarming as their group activity along with their conventional paddy and fresh water fish culture with the technical support of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Roha, Raigad,. In November 2016, SSSGM group members were given first formal training on Litopenaeusvannamei farming under Skill development training programme. The training was organized by KVK Roha, sponsored by National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), Hyderabad.


Institutional Involvement : Capacity building through training, diagnostic visits and advisory through phone calls.
Success Point : 1. Technical support provided by KVK as per the need.

2. Availability ofkhar land in village on lease basis at cheaper rate for starting shrimp farming.

3. Group member’s willingness and interest in adopting shrimp farming and developed confidence in the profitability of shrimp production.

4. Initial financial support from JSW under CSR scheme.

5. Group cohisiveness and trust on each other.


Outcome : ·      Adoption of the Shrimp farming technology at earliest marked the group in INNOVATORS category which is good extension outreach in the community.

·      A partnership formed between the SSSGM Members is a good example for cooperative farming in the fishermen community.

·      From only 0.40 ha area, it was possible to earn a revenue of Rs. 6.20 lakh which helps to totally merge the fixed capital from first crop.

·      Average net income of Rs. 1.66 lakh per year per member of the group besides conventional farming is a booster for the farm family.

·      This farming created diversification of group members from conventional paddy and fresh water fish culture to LVC which created additional employment.

·      This collaborative activity became a vital component in fostering communication and has been instrumental in bringing together the unique problem solving and creative mindset of fishermen and scientist.



Economics of Litopenaeusvannameifarming

Practice used Total cost of cultivation Gross income Net income Cost benefit ratio
Litopenaeusvannameifarming 690200 1509600 819400 1: 2.18