Innovative award winner farmer- a motivation to unemployed youth

Name of KVK : Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Roha, Raigad
Crop & variety : IMC Seed & ornamental fish seed production
Farmers Name & Address : Shri. Hasan A.R.  Mhaslai

At, Gove. Post. Pugoan, Tal. Roha, Dist. Raigad

Background Information :             Mr. Hasan AttaurehmanMhaslai as a Progressive farmer age 40 Residing at Gove village post Pugaon, Tal. Roha, Dist. Ragiad. He is holding 3.60 ha of land, of which 1.20 ha area is under horticulture and remaining 2.40 ha area was not in cultivation.

Mr. Hasan was having a hobby for fishing. He used to go fishing in river, creek & sea used to go wild. To fulfil his passion for fishing one day he went to nearby reservoir. That reservoir was actually under lease. So there was some problem created there.

After this problem he enquired how we can get that reservoir on lease. After getting the information, he formed a society in his village and taken reservoir on lease. Now to stock reservoir with good seed he went for searching. He could not get good quality seed, so he thought of raising the seed by himself with the help of Mr. AjitWakade, AFDO of Fisheries Dept and KVK, Roha. Then he took small ponds just nearby his farm on lease. Where he stocked 6,00,000/- spawn of Indian Major Carp and got approximately 1,20,000 fingerlings in his society reservoirs and rest 20,000 sold to farmers in the local area. From which both parties realised win-win situation.

In order to fulfil the demands of the farmers, he had to increase the water spared area. So he took a farm 20 K.M. away from his farm near Mangaon in the village Surav. The lease amount of the farm for one year was Rs. 1,55,000/- In this farm, there were 13 ponds and from which he produced 12,00,000 fingerlings. Out of which he stocked about 11,00,000 fingerlings in the reservoir and remaining sold to the farmers. He got some profit from this business. He thought that uncultivable land from his own can be utilized for nursery rearing.

Since last 6 years, he is rearing different type of fishes like Catla, Rohu, Mirgal, Cyprnus, Grasscarp, Silvercarp

&Kalbasu. Every year he produces approximately 70,00,000 frys in his farm from which he generates approximately Rs. 10 to 12 lakh and earn a profit of Rs. 3.5 lakhs. He has generated permanent employment for 6 persons and seasonal employment for 7-8 persons. As the rearing for Indian Major Carps, is only for 4 to 5 months, he thought of starting Ornamental Fish Breeding which is done round the year. Initially he started this business in his cowshed. Gradually the business progressed. So he established independent unit for this purpose. Now, he could generate approximate gross income of Rs. 21 lakh.

In Ornamental Fishes, he breeds many type of fish viz. Oscar, Sevrum, Silver dollar, Kicarp, Tigar Shark, Tiger Barb, Aurulius Barb, Filamentous Barb, Negro Barb & Sucker Cat Fish etc..

The produced Ornamental Fishes get sold in Indian Markets as well as foreign market. In Indian Market the fish is being sold in states like Kerla, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamilnadu& west Bengal.

He has developed innovative technology for fish seed packing and transportation for which he has received Innovative Farmers Award from ICAR New Delhi.

Technology Demonstrated : Edible Fish Seed rearing,

Ornamental fish breeding & rearing

Institutional Involvement : Intervention through group discussion, farm and home visits, diagnostic visit and phone calls
Success Point : ·         Participated in trainings, workshop and extension programmes organized by KVK and Fisheries Dept. regularly

·         Constantly engaged in R&D on farm

·         His willingness and interest in adopting new technology

·         Strong family support

Outcome :            The pace of horizontal expansion of carp culture area in recent years shows definite increase in demand for right kind of seed material, viz., fry and fingerlings in coming years. The stock enhancement of the small and medium reservation as being planned, through culture-based fisheries is also expected to generate additional seed demand in the form of advanced fingerlings. Though the seed rearing is a short-term activity, the foregoing account indicates it to be highly remunerative and offers greater opportunity for the farmers for its adoption.

Ornamental fish breeding is one profit making aquaculture enterprises that can be practiced even by a farmer with a small land holding. Small farmers may initiate the activity taking the easy to breed species like livebeares. With gained experience, he wish to add high value like angel fish, gold fish, gouramy, tetra, etc. to increase his income. Large enterprise aiming for export trade, however, needs to include more indigenous promising species for their breeding programme, beside the high value exotics.

Practice used Total cost of cultivation(Rs.) Gross income(Rs.) Net income(Rs.) Cost benefit ratio
 IMC seed production 3,50,000/- 7,00,000/- 3,50,000/- 1:2.0
 Ornamental fish rearing and breeding 13,41,500/- 21,55,000/- 8,13,500/- 1:1.6


New Delhi
Harvested fish
Visit of Dr. Kiran Kokate, DDG (AE), ICAR, New Delhi Felicitation during SAC, Meeting of KVK, Roha