Crop Diversification: Role model for Doubling Famers Income

Name of KVK : Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Roha, Raigad
Crop/variety : Integrated Farming System with major intervention of vegetable crops
Famers name & address : Shri.  Anant Mahadeo Magar,

A/P: Vashi Tal: Roha Dist: Raigad

Ph: 9273111550

Background information : Shri. Anant Magar, age 54 year had completed matriculation. He owned 1.5 acre of land in Vashi village of Rohatahasil. In the year 1994, he decided to go for farming as a business and started rice and vegetable farming . He always faced the problem of labour scarcity. His intension was to follow mechanization in farming. Rice farming always remained less remunerative for him due to less marketable surplus. Then, he started to cultivate various vegetables crops like chilli, bittergourd, cucumber, okra, etc in rabi season. But he didn’t receive expected income due to market glut. Then he decided to cultivate watermelon crop looking to demand in the market and also short duration crop.  Within 5 years he learned various techniques of watermelon cultivation. Since year 2008, he was in regular contact with KVK Scientist and adopted latest techniques in vegetable farming. Now he became a progressive watermelon grower in the Raigad district. From last 20 years, he cultivate short duration watermelon crop which enabled him to grow more crops from same land. After rice harvesting he takes groundnut crop var. “Konkan Tapora” and cultivate pulses like wal, cowpea, moong, urid, matki on residual moisture tofulfill his family requirements. For rice cultivation he used improved varieties viz. Kajat-5 and Karjat- 7.

In Kharif2017,  he has cultivated ash gourd on 17 acres area and cucumber as intercrop.Inrabi season, watermelon was cultivated on 10 haof land by using drip and polythene mulching technology under the guidance of KVK scientist.

Technology demonstrated : The KVK has conducted the Front Line Demonstrations on

1.      Field crops:Rice , varieties Karjat-5 and Karjat 7

2.      Groundnut variety Konkan Tapora

3.      Okra varietyArka Anamika

Advisory for commercial crops cultivation

1.      Chilli –F1 hybrid- Sitara

2.      Watermelon- F1 hybrid- Golden,Ayesha

3.      Cucumber-F1 hybrid -Padmini

4.      Bitter gourd- F1 hybrid- Naga

Institutional involvement : Method demonstration on Seed treatment, Swastik earthing up hoe in groundnut, use of rice transplanter, conoweeder and reaper for harvesting of paddy were undertaken on Mr. Magar’s field.Use of polythene mulch and drip irrigation technology in vegetables especially in watermelon was successfully demonstrated.

The entire demonstrationswere conducted under close supervision of KVK scientists. Right from the field preparation to post-harvest management, KVK scientist given technology backstopping through field visits, mobile advisory, hands-on-training, demonstrations, field days, group discussion, diagnostic visits, telephone calls etc.

Success point : In Kharif season he adopted new improved variety of rice Karjat-5 and Karjat-7 with integrated nutrient management technology yieldedaverage 35 to 40 qt/ha which was 30 per cent more than local variety.

Groundnut variety Konkan Taporacultivated during rabi-summer season using polythene mulching technology to overcome scarcity of water and shortage of labour on 1 acre area resulted in 8.5 qt production.

He realized the watermelon yield of 110 quintal from 0.40 ha area. He ensured the net profit of Rs. 1,16,000/- by selling fruits in local market which helps to merge the fixed capital cost from first crop.

Thereafter, he was motivated by his family members for cultivation of watermelon on large scale. From the next year, he regularly cultivated Golden and Ayesha variety of watermelon on 25 acres by using drip irrigation and polythene mulching technology. He got average yield of about 240 quintal production per hectare of land.

His story of integrated farming and group farming published in daily Agrowon newspaper and also broadcasted on DD Sahyadri in “Amachi Mati Amache Manase” programme made him more popular in the region.

Outcomes : He is earning net income of Rs.12 to 15 lakhs per annum from all the enterprises.

He has mechanized his farm by purchase of Tractor, Power tiller, Electric pump and Grass cutter.

He had purchased his own JCB machinery which he used for business purpose of his son.

Because of his success in watermelon, many farmers and youths are motivated to adopt the technologies thathe adopted in watermelon and other vegetable cultivation.

The confidence, love and affection he had for his all enterprise was developed only because of his dedication, hard work and strong family support.

Because of friendly and cooperative nature, he has been selected as a Vice Chairman of Farmers Society, Roha and also Member of Scientific Advisory Committee(SAC), KVK, Roha, Raigad.

Practice used Average cost of cultivation per ha (Rs.) Average Gross income (Rs) Average net income


C: B ratio
Watermelon var. Golden &

Ayesha ( Drip irrigation + polythene mulching + Fertigation)



Rs. 4,50,000/- Rs.    2,90,000/- 1: 2.81
Rice variety Karjat -5 40,500/- 57,400/- 16,900/- 1:1.41
Groundnut variety Konkan Tapora 87, 500/- 1,62,400/- 74, 900/- 1: 1.85
Chilli –F1 hybrid- Sitara 1,78,000/- 3,85,000/- 2,07,000/- 1 : 2.16
Cucumber-F1 hybrid -Padmini 1,65,000/- 3,90,000/- 2,25,000/- 1 : 2.36
Bitter gourd- F1 hybrid- Naga 1,90,000/- 3,62,000/- 1,72,000/- 1 : 1.90


Watermelon cultivation by using polythene mulch and drip irrigation technology Harvested cucumber crop
Visit of KVK Scientist to Rice field of Karjat 5 variety Off campus training for tribal youths on Shri. Magars field